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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:12
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Between the world and me is a story of Ta-Nehisi Coates in which he is writing a letter to his fifteen-year-old son named as Samori about the best methods to survive in the modern world. As most of the themes are based on racism, the American dream and inspiring stories, Coates has briefed the concept of struggle and how the hard work had brought significant improvement in his life.
Basically, the author is writing the novel by overviewing the racist murders of John Crawford, Eric Garner, Mike Brown and Renisha McBride as the American society has an old tradition of destructing black people’s bodies. Furthermore, he recalls the torture, violence, and efforts of Malcolm X that helped black parents to protect their children while living in Baltimore.
Short summary
Between the world and me is a letter from renown author Ta-Nehisi Coates which is written in reference to son Samori for making him aware of what does it really mean to become a black man in America. As the book-length letter is divided into three parts, each one has a unique theme and story which makes it interesting for the readers go through.

Part 1

Talking about the first part of the letter, the author recounts experiences being a young man and the time he grew up in Baltimore. As it was a period when walking to school was dangerous, and many people often got murdered, he continued to study at Howard University and became a successful writer.

Part 2

The second part of the letter covers the events after the birth of his son Samori. As it starts with the death of an African American man Prince Jones who was killed by a police officer, the writer continues the story by explaining the events of Malcolm X which led him to move his family to New York City and finally to France.

Part 3

The third part is the last section of the letter which covers Coates’s major life events such as the visit with his mother Mable Jones who was a hardworking woman and did her best to raise her children properly.
The scope of the story
Between the world and me is all about people who have been struggling hard in their lives to achieve success. After Ta-Nehisi Coates graduated from Howard University which he calls “His Mecca”, he moved to Maryland which was an area plagued by police brutality. As the work mostly covers his lifespan stories and events of Malcolm X, Coates then migrated to New York along with his family where he also established his writing career.
Furthermore, Coates believed that things could be changed through hard work, willingness and determination. As he prompts dreamers about their laziness and ignorant attitude, the meaning of the story is all focused-on individuals who want to live a happy life ahead. Although Coates is an atheist and was raised in a home where religion was not followed, the work he performs in his life can surely be considered by readers and young generation to write an appreciable thesis.
Challenges accomplished by Coates
Coates was intelligent, hardworking and believed that struggle could eventually lead to success. Although he was against dreamers, he wanted individuals to acknowledge the reality and change circumstances on by doing the work which brings benefit to their community. Furthermore, he followed the approach of Malcolm X and wanted all young boys not to rely on false hope or stories as set by solitary heroes and maintain equality amongst the countrymen.
With the latest advancements in technology, people have greater chances of making a bright future and help their fellow beings as well. Coates left Dr. Jones house only to make the community aware about the disadvantages of dreaming and brought a positive hope that will surely develop awareness and responsibility amongst people.
Beliefs of Coates
Coates was born in a home which did not follow any respective religion meaning that he had no spiritual framework to gain motivation and uplift. Although black Christians pray and hope for justice, their bodies were still being destroyed, and as a result, the act promoted exploitation within the area. Furthermore, this differentiated Malcolm X from the modern-day leaders and how he had set priorities to protect his citizens and community.
Between the world and me brings great explorations and opportunities for the readers to make augmentative essay questions. By performing in-depth analysis, one can certainly understand the struggle and focus when reading the acts of Malcolm X and how did he bring a great revolution to stop brutal activities with black bodies.
After reading Coates amazing life story written in a letter form to his son, we can understand the devotion, willingness and positive attitude he had towards his community. With each phase of his life clearly presented, individuals can learn the best ways to develop self-confidence, willingness to do hard work and make their community a better place to live.

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