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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:03
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Okay, so my reviews for the Dark Knight Trilogy are long overdue, so here we go. Batman Begins, otherwise known as the C. P. R of a franchise, So when i heard that the director of ‘Memento’ was going to direct “Batman Begins” I thought ‘hmmm, interesting, but it may be just what was required’ because lets face it, Batman died in the hands of Joel Schumacher (Director of Batman and Robin,Batman Forever), and now we have Batman again!!
So Batman Begins is the story of Bruce Wayne, who after the death/murder of his parents transforms himself from an angry pissed off rich kid to the Batman, and I was really suprised as to how much depth they gave to the characteras in the previous movies I saw him only as a vigilante, end of story. In this movie they show that it goes deeper than that. I mean sure he’s a pissed off rich kid, totally but then Liam Neeson who plays Ducard, his trainer gives him a path and trains him to be a ninja, yeah Batman is a ninja, yeah!!! nd Ducard teaches Bruce that if you are a vigilante, you can be killed or destroyed, but if you’re a symbol, if you’re something bigger than that, then you can become “a legend, Mr Wayne”. Basically, you don’t die, even if you die, you don’t die since as you’re a symbol, that symbol can be assigned to anyone, it can live on, continue even after the original person( in this case, Bruce Wayne) dies.
In the acting of this movie, everybody plays their roles perfectly, there are a lot of people to mention, so here we go : First of all, Oscar winning actor Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, absolutely perfect, I mean, he had to play three roles in this movie, first, the billionnaire playboy who the city of Gotham thinks him to be,because let’s face it, Bruce Wayne’s been gone for 7 years training, and suddenly when he, Gotham’s rich prince appears back in Gotham, this Batman guy alsy o appears??
I mean, he could be associated to Batman by the public, so in order to clarify all thair doubts and questions he acts like a drunken playboy, who doesn’t give a damn about his city, it’s all about women, cars, money, so no one thinks that he’s the Batman.
Second, the Bruce Wayne that only Alfred and Rachel know and understand and thirdly, the Batman, that’s when he unleashes all his anger, he’s like the devil, he just freaks criminals out, he really plays mind games on them too, he just preys on their fear, like I said before, he’s a ninja, so to the people he’s like appearing from one corner and the next second from another, atleast that’s what they show from the criminal’s point of view anyway (the scene in the docks). Secondly, Cilian Murphy plays Dr. Jonathan Crane a. k. the Scarecrow, I always thought that he was perfect casting for that role, but let me warn you, if you are a Scarecrow fan, this movie might piss you off, I thought that they used the Scarecrow in a way that was very relevant, but they don’t use him THAT much, it’s not like it’s a Scarecrow show or anything like that, so if you want to see a lot of scarecrow, you might be a little irritated, infact that’s like the only complaint that I’ve had about this movie, that the Scarecrow’s not used enough, nonetheless he’s the perfect Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow. And then Liam Neeson as Ducard, Bruce Wayne’s trainer, perfect also.
Liam Neeson’s a good actor, he’s like he voice of god in Narnia and the voice of god in this movie too, as far as I’m concerned. By the end of this movie though, you’ll be like Liam Neeson was perfect casting for this role, anyone would agree. And Michael Caine as Alfred, a comic releif in the movie. Being an old comic releif guy, that’s a tough line to walk, cause if you over do it you’re just boing to be an old boring guy and people will be like ” dude, get off the screen so that we can go back to the Batman please” but Michael Caine was perfect for this role.
I can’t see another Alfred at this point, I really can’t. And another old awesome guy in this movie who is also the voice of god in another movi e is Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. Lucius Fox is kind off like Bruce Wayne’s insider in Wayne Enterprises, you would think that Bruce Wayne wouldn’t need an insider into Wayne Enterprises, but he does. And in the whole movie you keep on thinking, does he know Bruce Wayne’s Batman, does he not? ou don’t really know, he never says, he never goes upto Bruce Wayne saying ” I know you’re secret, now give me 10 million dollars”, there’s like this connection between them in which they both know what they do and they just keep it at that and helps him. And Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon was spot on, absolutely perfect. The guy’s a very diverse actor, he can nail anything, and he nails Jim Gordon. He’s like the Batman’s unspoken partner in crime, at first people were saying to use Robin, but he doesn’t need Robin, he has Gordon, perfect partner right there, and even rocks the mustache.
So Batman Begins is an awesome movie about a guy who is stepping up to do what’s right, to reinvent himself, to become more than just a man, just a vigilante, to become an incorruptible symbol of hope in his mission to bring back his city in the wreckage of it’s damn nation, it’s about stepping up and doing what’s right, there is a sweet line said by Rachel in the movie ” What chance does Gotham have, when the ood people do nothing”.
This line affected Bruce Wayne the most who in turn doubles his efforts to save the city from horror struck end. Therefore, in conclusion I liked the movie, you know, it’s very different, it shows the origin story of about how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. I give the movie 4. 2 stars out of 5.

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