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Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:12
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AntigoneAnd LawsA crucial question in Antigone is, “When someone makes a law that is known bythe public to be morally wrong, should the public break his/her law? Or shouldthey collaborate with that person by obeying? Antigone felt that the law (no onewas supposed to bury her brother Polyneicies) should be broken so she took whatshe thought to be appropriate measures. This is called Civil Disobedience. Another question is “Is Civil Disobedience morally and ethically correct?”The Nazis say one thing, and the Vietnam war veterans say one thing. The Nazisdid not believe that Civil Disobedience was ethically or morally righteous,because of there inhumane acts upon the Jews in the 1940’s probably led someNazi officials to think about Civil Disobedience, after all the were told to doa job and if they didn’t they would have been killed.
As Adolph Hitler showedthe world, just because one idiotic person thinks something is right thatdoesn’t make it right. The Nazi officials parallel Ismene, because there is alaw that they both knew to be wrong but they are so afraid to step up that theyjust collaborate with it. Another parallel is that the Jews and Polyneicies’soul. The Jews were caught up in the middle of the officials, the liberatingnations, and Adolph Hitler.
As was Polyneicies’ soul caught in between Creon,Antigone, and Ismene. Also, in that they both had to undergo extreme pain,torture, and horror. Lastly the invading nations parallel Antigone in that theyboth fought against the law in both their times. Antigone fought to save herbrother’s spirit, and the invading nations fought to save the Jews. Civildisobedience is wrong even though it might not go with any religious beliefs,but for Christians, laws are established by governments, governments areestablished by God, so what is there to go against besides God’s own law? Lawsare made for the communities own safety, or own good. If a law was passed not tostay outside because of serial killings how many would stay outside late atnight, not to many.
A law was passed not to steal, how many people are arrestedand convicted every week because they stole something. So laws are for thebenefit of that area, in order to uphold that law there must be a price ofpunishment. During the Vietnam conflict there was a military draft, some ran toCanada in order to save their own life. Our dear President William “Bill”Clinton ran to Canada to avoid having to go to war. If you live in a countrywith equal rights you at least owe that country something.
The Vietnam veteransthink this example of Civil Disobedience, is exceptionally wrong. “Whensomeone makes a law that is known by the public to be wrong?” Then they shouldbe collaborated with. The Jews would say it is alright to break this particularlaw. The Vietnam veterans would say it is not acceptable to break that law.
Thereal answer is that there is no real answer, because some say it is alright, andsome say it is not right.

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