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Published: 2021-06-29 01:52:18
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Americansacross this beautiful nation do not want to spend time making shoes in thistechnological society. Americans would not want to also spend even moremoney on shoes today, so society allows third-world countries to make shoesa lot cheaper, and gives money to meager families. With technology risingrapidly every day, machines could even be made to make shoes, instead ofpaying people to make them. With machines, the world works faster andcheaper.
Some people may say that making shoes gives the unemployed ajob, but those people making those shoes are not really happy. They are justgetting by with the money they make. Picking up trash for the neighborhood isa job, but most of the trash collectors do not like their job. Americans wouldlike, to some extent, to sit in from of a computer being paid good money,rather than standing on an assembly line making shoes. UnemployedAmericans, though, might not mind working for a company who makes shoesin the United States. These unemployed Americans would, moderately, notmind any job that paid money.
Americans like good things at reasonableprices. If shoe companies would employ workers in the United States tomake shoes here, with prices already high, would rise even higher. Americanswould then not even buy American made shoes. Americans would not likeAmericans making shoes in the United States, because shoe prices wouldrocket. Americans look at their jobs as a way of expressing themselves.
When talking about their job, they would not enjoy describing how they sewon the symbols for the shoes they make. Instead, they would like to talk abouthow good their pay is or how their job challenges them or even how muchthey like working at their job. If their job were to make shoes, they would notrelish in the fact that they made shoes. Americans like good paying jobs, agood foundation for a family, and good working places.
With a shoe factory,jobs are not that great, it is not a reliable foundation for a family, andespecially they are not good working conditions. Some argue that makingshoes is in some manner like making clothes. It is not, for the fact that theworkers follow the same design throughout the entire day. Most clothes wornby Americans are not American made either.
They are made in third worldcountries, just like the shoes. America is no longer relying on industry to carryit to the next millennium. Instead, America is relying on the rapid growth oftechnology and free enterprise. In Americas early years, after the taking thiscountry away from the Indians, society relied heavily on industry toaccomplish the tasks needed to grow this country. Today, that is not the case.
America is putting industries in the back of its mind, and bringing forth newand exciting technologies. Americans would like to sit in front of a computerscreen and type away, rather than working in labor factories. Americans wantgood quality, with cheap prices. If America would employ shoe factories,shoes would not be cheap or even good quality for that matter.
Most ofsociety knows that some of what Americans make is not of the highest quality. Instead, it is made fast and poorly. Americans do not want Americans tomake shoes, because they know that if Americans did make shoes, their feetwould surely hurt even more. Miscellaneous

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