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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:22
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n persecuted andlooked down upon by the human world. Even in Biblical times, the worldblamed the Jews for the death of Jesus Christ. Even now, if someone saysthat they are Jewish, you always seem to look at them a little different. What events happened to cause Hitler to think that the Jews needed to besent to ghettos, and what happened inside the ghetto?Between 1527 and 1768, Jews were banned from living in Warsaw, Poland.
Before 1939, there was 375,000 living in Warsaw, as many as in all ofFrance. That is 40% of the population. While the Jews were banned fromWarsaw before 1795, they lived in countries such as Russia, Prussia, andAustria. After that date, Jews started to flood back to Poland. From thebeginning, the Jewish district was relocated to the southeastern end of oldWarsaw. Nazi police enforced a boycott of all Jewish businesses, whichstarted in 1933.
The first night of this was called “The Night of BrokenGlass. ” On October 12, 1940, the Jews were sectioned off to where 113,000Christians lived. They moved in. The sectioned off area forced 40% ofWarsaw’s population to be enclosed to 2. 4% of the city’s total landmass.
450,000 Jews were forced to live in very crowded conditions. The chairman of the Jewish council, Adam Czeriniakow, delivered 6,000Jews per day, seven days a week. A day later, the number was increased to7,000. The next stage of Hitler’s plan was the liquidation of the ghettosand “transportation to the east” (death camps). By the time deportationsstarted to be made, over 100,000 Jews had already died.
Most of the Jewsdeported daily were sent to the death/labor camp, Treblinka. To ensuretotal humiliation of the “sub-human” race, the Nazis built a brick wall. Itstretched eleven miles around the Warsaw ghetto to guarantee that the Jewswould be totally isolated from the rest of society. It began constructionon November 15, 1940.
The ghetto was divided into two sections, the smallsoutheastern end, and the larger north end. In 1946, the ghetto inmates revolted and had a mini-war with the NaziSS. The Jews ended up overtaking the SS and prevailing, but the ghetto waslater destroyed by the German army and the Nazis. On July 22, 1942,Ukrainian and Latvian soldiers came dressed in Nazi SS uniforms. The squadof men surrounded the ghetto and liquidated it.
Very soon after the defeat of the Nazis at the ghetto, it wascompletely burned to the ground by Nazi troops. The Germans tried todisguise the ghettos and death camps from the rest of the world. Hitlerwould have succeeded, except for the fact that the American forces invadedPoland, Austria, and Germany to stop the reckless manslaughter that wasoccurring. Even today, Jewish people speak at seminars and museums aboutthe Holocaust.
They tell their story and the effects and emotional scarsthat had been left on them by the Nazi madness. No one can, or ever wantsto forget what went down in Poland in the Warsaw Ghetto. . .

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