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Published: 2021-06-29 01:55:40
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DEP 2100Participation Assignment Number ThreeThe trend to postpone childbearing has resulted in many children having older parents. What do you see as advantages and disadvantages for these children? What benefits and problems might result for parents being older?Advantages for children:-their parents are more relaxed-their parents have more money-their parents are wiser and can teach them more about lifeAdvantages for parents:-they have the means to support the kids-they don’t have to miss out on the fun of being young-they are ready to settle down-they are more patient and relaxed with the children-they will have someone to take care of them when they are oldDisadvantages for children:-their parents are old and less energetic-their parents do not related as well with them as if they were younger-they may be embarrassed of their parents being old, especially during adolescence-their parents may die and get sick before the children are mature enough to deal with it-they probably wont get to know their grandparentsDisadvantages for parents:-Retirement might not be as relaxing-their health may fail before they are done raising their children-their children may be embarrassed of them Write a brief letter to a new parent in which you describe information about games to play with the baby which will reveal the perceptual abilities of the baby. Base your games on current research and tasks from the Brazelton Scale.
Dear New Parent,Based on current research and tasks from the Brazelton Scale, I would like to recommend games to play with your new baby. These games will reveal the perceptual abilities of the baby. Read books to the baby with simple black and white pictures. Repeat the book checking the baby’s responses to your voice and the pictures in the book.
Have a rattle for the new baby. Play with the rattle and check the baby’s response to the rattle. Reading a story to the baby will also check its response to inanimate visual and auditory stimuli. Play peek-a-boo with the baby. This will test the defensive movements of the baby (place your hands over the baby’s eyes as well). As the baby grows older, you can read more visually stimulating books.
Eventually, you need to let your baby make its own gaming decisions. Plan a one-week school lunch program for young children based upon information presented in Chapter 6. MondayGrilled Chicken, (skinless and boneless) Baked potato (free of butter and sour cream)Green beans or broccoli Skim milk or chocolate skim milkFruit medleyTuesdaySoybean Hamburger (cheese is an option)Potato wedges (not fried)Vegetable Medley100% Apple or Orange Juice1 chocolate chip cookieWedGrilled Chicken or Grilled SalmonMacaroni and CheeseBlack-eyed peasFruit MedleySkim or chocolate skim milkThuTacos (made with 97% lean beef and fat free refried beans)Black beans and brown riceFruit or Veggie Medley100% apple or orange juiceFriGrilled chicken pizza (light cheese)Served with side salad and choice of fat-free dressingGreen beans or broccoliFruit medleySkim or chocolate skim milkWhy does society hurry individuals through childhood and then suspend them in a prolonged period of adolescence? Discuss the pros and cons of this. I don’t believe society is to blame for our being rushed through childhood and slowed during adolescence. I believe it seems this way because childhood is very stress-free and light-hearted.
This is a time of play and imagination. Adolescence is a very stressful time. This is when we begin to find ourselves. Our bodies and minds change as we enter puberty. We begin to have difficult tasks in our schools as well as difficult relationships with our peers.
Pressure from society and our peers begins to come to us. It is simply a time of overwhelming burden. This is why adolescence is prolonged vs. childhood.Pros:-have more time to find ourselves-are under the care of our parents for a longer period of time-during this stressful time, there are mentors available at almost all times-the transition into middle, high, and college education all occur during this timeCons:-we are underestimated by society-society seems to think if we are between 11-19, we are “bad”-we lose our ability to play freely like a child-we gain the stresses of adulthood before we are prepared for them Words/ Pages : 675 / 24

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