Across Five Aprils Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:53:18
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In Across FIve Aprils, the character are faced with many difficult decisions, which range from difficult choices on lovr to lyalty. One such example is the decision Bill Creigghton makes. He decided that he wantes to join sides with the Confecderate army, against his area”s popular belief to support the Union. Bill decided to do this because, in his belief, and area shouldn”t have its way of life taken away from it because of war.
This shows that Bill cares about tothers and feel that things that have already been established should stay the way they are. Finally, Shadrach Yale is faced with another difficult decision. He decided that though he could have stayed home witht he things and peopole he loved, he shouold go off to war to fight on the Union front. Shad did this because he felt that he shouldn”t be safe at home while other men were out fighting the war. His decision says that Shad is an unselfish person who is couragerous. Another character that must make a difficult decision is Jethro Creighton. He decided not to turn in his courin Eb to the authorities, after he find him in hiding because he is a deserter. Jethro also decieded not to tell his family about it. He finally decided to write Presiden Abraham Lincoln for help.
Jethro dosen”t tell his family about it because he doesn”t wat to add another load to their already very heavy burden. He doesn”t turn in Eb because he loves his cousin too much to turn him in. THis says about Jethro that he”s willing to stay loyal to his family, even if it means breaking the law, as with Eb. He also cares very much about his family because he doesn”t want to upset them And he”s also willing to go to great pains for e”Eb, because he writes Abraham Lincoln and he takes on the eomtional burden of dealilng with Eb. All thee characters represent only a portion of those in this novel who sacrifice things dear to them to do what they believe is right.

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