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POST 1960Readers see some significant changes in portrayal of women in British Literature over the years in.
While the saying Art imitates life’, stand true on its own, there are also some female characters that represent a sense of vision by the authors themselves. This vision could be of the society changing itself to foster a rather emancipated woman in control of her life, or that of the integrity of a personal character that brings about a change in how the society accepts and perceive a woman. The topic of my paper is resounding of these thoughts and throws some light on how the role of the women changed after the Post World war Literature and how we can characterize those changes. To further elucidate my points, I will be taking examples from the characters of The Beautiful Launderette’ in this abstract. However, in my paper, I will be citing characters from various British works published after 1960’s.
The women in British Literature after 1960 are portrayed as characters that are very well aware of their sexuality and how that can give them a power of position in the society. The characters of Tania and Rachel are a precise example of this as they use this as tools to gain attention of males, who are still in a dominant position. The role’ of the women is only made powerful according to the dominant players (the male counterpart) of the story. This can be elucidated by the fact that since Rachel is far more important to Naseer; her say in the screenplay is more than that of Bilquis. The sexualization of system as a woman (squeezing the tits of the system’) shows the objectification of female body hinting to the female presence in the Government.
Other themes like that of the opinionated women’ and removal of women from a damsel in distress scenario to someone who can take charge of her life , negating, or at least reducing the dependency on male figure are explored in the paper. ETEE DUBEYENGLISH HONS. 3 YEAR

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