A Clear Picture Of Your Discourse Community Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:54:20
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Michael Fathalla ENC 1102 Professor Eric Murnane March 10, 2015 Data Analysis Present a clear picture of your discourse community. Who are its members? What specialized language/texts/rituals are associated with it? Why should it be studied at all? You should have discussed these ideas in your research proposal. Here is where you realize them with materials you gathered from your discourse community. The Pre-Professional Medical Society or PPMS is an organization on the University of Central Florida’s main campus.
It specializes in the healthcare profession in general. Any student who is pursuing a degree and a career in the medical field can join PPMS. PPMS is a public organization that communicates with its members through email, an up to date website, and monthly meetingings. Also, the emails and website are used to inform members about events that the organization will be holding, for example, a medical symposium, 5K charity run, and many other events. Meetingings are used to provide more information but more importantly, it is a time where officers communicate with members and hear feedback about recent events and suggestions for the future. PPMS publishes a monthly newsletter that is available online for everyone to see (ppmedsociety.
org). Also, members who attend the monthly meeting get a physical copy of the newsletter. In addition, PowerPoint or Prezi is used during the meeting to engage attendees while each officer talks about announcements about the…

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