Tips on Writing a Persuasive Essay About a Book

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But if a student wishes to improve their writing skills, then trying to write a persuasive essay is the best thing to do. A persuasive essay about a book is among the common tasks given to students as this practices their reading, comprehension, and writing skills. It is best for students to know better ways to write a persuasive essay.

Tips to Write a Persuasive Essay about a Book

1. Read and understand the book
Choose a book that you would like to write an essay about. Read it and make sure that you understand it well. You can write down important points and ideas so you can easily prepare your outline.
2. Choose an argument
From the important points you have jotted down and from your understanding of the book, choose a good argument that you can have an opinion about. Choose one that will help you prove your point and persuade your readers with your opinion.
3. Explore on your topic
You can elaborate or summarize the book that you have read. State your observations and analysis. You should also make sure that your points are backed up by statements from the book or from experts. Keep in mind that you are trying to persuade your readers. Proofs and evidence will matter with this type of essay.
4. Create a conclusion
Make a conclusion that will prove your point. It should be strong enough to persuade your readers with your opinion. Make sure that all your statements are true and have a good basis.
Writing a persuasive essay requires analysis and research. If it is an essay about a book, then you should completely understand what it is about. College students can take advantage of these writing tasks as it will help them improve their writing skills which will also be needed and used once they get employed or in the career path that they want to go to.