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In That Holy Anarchist , Mark Van Steenwyk explores the relationship between Christianity and anarchism. The name of Jesus is invoked by those in power as well as those resisting that power. What were the politics of Jesus and how can they continue to inform us as we struggle for justice?

From the Foreword by Ched Myers :

[ That Holy Anarchist ] emerges from a new generation of Christian dissenters who are properly disillusioned, but not despairing…I hope [its] overview of biblical “retribing politics,” modern anarchism, and the concluding proposal for “Christo-anarchism” will encourage and inspire younger activists (Christian, anarchist, or both) to move beyond sloganeering to a deeper, engaged conversation at this critical intersection of faith and politics.

About the Author:

Mark Van Steenwyk is a co-founder of the Mennonite Worker (formerly Missio Dei)–an intentional community in Minneapolis. Mark is a writer, speaker, and grassroots educator; with the support of the Central Plains Mennonite Conference, he has nurtured and networked radical Christian communities around North America. He is one of the editors of JesusRadicals.com and co-host/producer of the podcast. In addition to authoring That Holy Anarchist , Mark has contributed to ; his next book, The unKingdom of God , will be published in August 2013 by InterVarsity Press).

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